How it works

If you can copy and paste, you can use The PROMOTELINK.COM Encryption Service! The membership is fully automated so as soon as you join, you can immediately access the password protected Members Area. You can then use The PROMOTELINK.COM Encryption Service to encrypt unlimited web pages! It's as simple as copying your current HTML code and pasting it into The PROMOTELINK.COM Encryption Service Encryptor. The encrypted code can then be used in the same page so thieves can't steal the actual code!

Why do I need to encrypt my source code?

Not only can people view the source code of your website easily by clicking on the "view source" in their browser, but they can use that to steal from you. They can take your awesome website design that you spent months creating, and use it for their own by copying your source code.

Another huge problem are those people that use Paypal on their website to accept payments. If you are selling digital products, chances are people are stealing from you. You see, with the paypal payment option, people can view the source of your paypal button, which will show where they will be forwarded after they send you their payment. All they have to do is copy the URL from your payment button and they have free access to your thank you page. Now there is a solution! With The PROMOTELINK.COM Encryption Service, you can protect your code and your profits from those prying eyes once and for all!


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